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Ice cream cone with ice cream shaped like the state of Ohio. Cherry on top says Cleveland

We are a friendly, neighborhood grab-n-go ice cream and treat shop located in the heart of the Detroit Shoreway community in Cleveland, Ohio. We offer premium, small batch, homemade ice cream; non-dairy frozen treats; baked goods; candy and other nostalgic delights. Everything is made in-house and pre-packaged for your convenience. Rediscover your childhood treats with our hand-crafted ice cream flavors and desserts. We also offer nostalgic candy and sodas.

Sunshine. Stickball. Saturday Morning Cartoons. Flashlight tag. Amusement Parks. MTV. Ice Cream truck. Pocket money. Candy store. Indiana Jones. Goonies. R.E.M.. Bruce. Neil (Young or Diamond). Bowie. Baseball games. Swimming pool. Bikes. Road trips.

At Lake Erie Scoops we remember and embrace the days of childhood much as a GenXer can. The music, the art, tv shows, movies, and the snacks - oh so many treats! ​

At Lake Erie Scoops, you will rediscover all your childhood treats.

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